Monday, December 28, 2009

Banksy Blunder...

Banksy recently committed the cardinal sin of going over a piece - unfortunately one that's survived in London since the mid-80's. Not that plenty of people - and councils - haven't gone over his, but more reason he should know better.

From revok via Charlie Dark.

Anybody who has ever done graffiti quickly learns to appreciate the value of a “LANDMARK” -that is, the struggle to get your work to last anywhere in the street. Here in LA if you can get something to run for more than a month it is a achievement worthy of celebration. In London it is possibly more so since the buff is vigilant and very well-funded. One of the “Golden rules” in graffiti is to respect your elders; foremost by not going over them… Particularly in the extremely rare scenario where something has lasted nearly 3 decades(the graffiti equivalent to a UFO sighting) -I would assume Banksy would be aware of this rule, and respect it considering his roots lie in traditional graffiti… Apparently not.

I first came across this story via 12ozPROPHETS twitter, courtesy of MARE139’s blog on 12oz… It seems the story has been removed from thar site for some reason. Thats why i am posting it here.

Banksy here went over a “ROBBO” piece, Robbo was a pioneer of london graffiti in the mid-80’s and he painted this piece in the Regents canal in Camden in 1985.

Somehow this piece had managed to stay up all of these last 25 years… That was until Banksy decided to go over it.

The original wall by Robbo painted in 1985…

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