Friday, December 18, 2009

Kim Vs. Fox

Kim and Fox re-igniting their old, old beef? Guess Nicki got them worried!

It's not worth listening to really, unless, like me, you're a MASSIVE Kim and Fox fan, cos it sounds like it was recorded in a dustbin, that was inside a skip, that was buried 8-foot underground. But basically, it's Kim using the word 'Fox' in various derogatory ways. Mind you, Fox kinda started it earlier this year when she made that 'Dancing with the Stars' reference.. Oh, and the bit about the skin colour too. Yep.

"Put your money up playboy, the pink p*ssy price cost like a couple keys of that fish scale white/Catch me at Marcy at the mall, but motherf*ckers will never see me 'Dancin' With The Stars'/Never, will I embarrass my borough, I'm too thorough/Dark skin b*tches, we here now...Y'all b*tches wanna be me so bad, y'all studied my whole swag."

If you want to hear Kim going back at FoxCheck It Here

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