Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mystro V Skillz: The 09 Rap Up

Love that someone has someone has done a UK version - Mystro I LOVE this. There's so many great lyrics here - and of course I'm loving the 'RWD mag got bigger...' line.

Love also that he does an RIP for Derrick B and includes everyone from Jay Sean to Donaeo, Dynamo, SBTV to Diversity and Skream.

I know I always seem to say 'my first interview' but my first ever 'proper' interview for Touch magazine was with Mystro, Sovereign, The Reelists and Vivianna. Fiddy had suggested Sov, but coudn't do the interview, so I did it and that was the first time I met both Sov and Mystro - who managed to convince me he was Irish for about 10 minutes. Anyway, I was a big fan of Mys's verson Commonwealth's The Anthem, one of my favourite UK rap records.

Here's Mystro's 2009 UK Rap Up....

I got love for Skillz too of course. This guy goes in hard every year. That said, Mystro's is definitely the better one.

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