Friday, December 18, 2009


I don't really do much fashion on here, mostly cos I know shit about clothes (you only have to meet me once to verify that information as fact), but I'm feeling this brand - even though they only do boys right now. That well annoys me, I always have to buy boys t's and deal with it, chesteses wise. Why can't girl's t's be as good?

There's not just t's - but also hoodies, sweats and polos. #weonthat

Anyway, everyone from Example to Sway, Donaeo and Ginger Kid have been rocking the T's. Check em out on PXL. There's a 20% discount available at the mo - simply enter 'PXLnow' in the discount box on the page.And there's free UK delivery now too. Oh yes.

Oh and there's a free style guide on there too.

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