Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Usher Ft. Nicki Minaj: Little Freak

Though to be fair when any one says 'Hey [fill in appropriate name of producer, in this case Polow Tha Don] they ain' ready for this' - lets face it, we kinda are. I mean, who's really shocked by anything anymore. And if it is that amazing, haven't you just plot-spoiled yourself cos now we're expecting to hear the best shit ever, and we'll most likely be let down. Like when a film is too hyped and you go to the cinema to see it like 'Yeah, it's was ooohhhkkkkaaayyyy.'

That said This Is Pretty Amazing. The production more than anything. You know I loves Nicki, but it's not even her that makes it good. Her verse isn't even beyond beyond. Polow, you did good. We were ready for this one, but don't beat yourself up. We like it a lot regardless.

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