Wednesday, January 13, 2010

CamRon: Boss of All Bosses Mixtape

Once upon a time I loved Dipset so much that I would have bought the actual duvet set. In fact, can that still be bought, cos I really would love one still.

I wouldn't have got a tatt like that though. I don't think so anyway.

Anyway, Dipset were the shit as we all know, but now they're a bit shit. But I have faith. Yes I do.

I haven't listened to this GANGSTA GRIZZZZILLLLLZZZZZ (word to Lil Jon) mixtape yet but I will. And, no, not because I'm busy and have shit to do (which I do) because I've actually pretty much done shite-all today. Procrastination is a very, very dear friend of mine.

Go Get That Harlem/ ATL heat.

Sidenote: On a scale of one to really-fucking-very, how shit is the cover art?

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