Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh. My. Chrizzle

So I'm reading this book, The Dirt, about Motley Crue (can't be arsed to umlat that shit, soz), which is amazing. I love how they tell the same story from the four points of view of each band member. I'm not really sure why I'm reading it, someone recommended it ages ago and I thought, why not? Beats reading illuminous shite books from Asda, or wherever you get illuminous shite books from.

Can I say, what these lots did is NOTHING on any rapper. Motley were beyond. Pretty much did the most foul shit with thousands of chicks, did every drug going and then some, one of them killed a friend while drunk driving, they trashed places, terrorised people, beat people up. I'm not judging, it's an ace read, but boy, if a rapper got found doing that, or wrote a book about it, can you IMAGINE the outrage? Rappers have got nothing on these rock dudes, and yet they get all the shit. I'm think of features like this crap, which is the biggest piece of shit headline I've ever read.

But anyway, ace book, I highly recommend a read.

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Roy said...

I read this a couple of years back, great read!