Monday, February 15, 2010

Bran-Nu & Timbo: Live Footage

One of my fave singers, I think Brandy aka Bran-Nu might become one of my fave rappers.

Ok, this rhyme is a bit lame, but dayum, don't she sound so, like, good? "I told ya once, I told ya twice..." Oh and sorry about the terrible quality. The second one where Bran-Bran freestyles sounds much better without the distroted bass of Meet In The Middle. Camera work is shite too; i mean, I hadn't eaten, i was jetlagged (yes a bit tipsy too) and HOW EXCITED that Brandy was onstage? Quite a lot, I can tell you.

I interviewed Timbo recently and he told me he's friends with Brandy now.. kinda. I love how sometimes Timbo just don't give a furrrrrccckkkk!

How did you repair your relationship with Brandy?

I said I don’t like Brandy, but I love Bran-Nu. Bran-Nu is more like a Lauryn Hill type so she’s gonna sing from the bottom of her gut. There’s no more (does high voice) ‘Shoudla, coulda..” It’s gonna be (growls a bit) ‘Woooghhh’. The Bran-Nu you never heard. That’s how she gonna be on her album."

Are you working on that album with her?
You’ll see. I’m gonna keep that under locks.

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