Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Robin Thicke Ft. Estelle: Rollacoasta Video Shoot

So I was actually on the set of this shoot, but didn't take any pictures or anything as I had banged my head a few minutes before and WAS OUT OF IT!!!


And yes, I know i look like a crackhead as well as an egghead, but you have NO IDEA how painful it was.

Also, I was sober, thanks very much. Stupid hotel and their automatic doors. SLAM! Onyx style. Tennis ball sized lump that lasted three days, though the bruising has gone down a bit. Still don't feel right though.... *sad face*

I did manage to pull it together to do a quick interview with The Thicke - here's what he had to say about working with Stelly and breaking the UK....

Can I see myself going more global with the success of this album (Sex Therapy)? I don’t know. My first album, the one that no one knew about in the States, was my most global album. UK, Amsterdam… it was Top 5 in Australia. My first album had more international appeal – plus I had the long hair. International loves the long hair (laughs)! So I’ve gone backwards internationally, and in America I started really slow but my rise gets bigger and bigger. I still feel underground in the UK. I can go there and sell out a few nights and do great, but it doesn’t seem like the mainstream or radio or TV have picked it up as much as the people have. I was amazed that I’d sell out two nights at Koko in Camden, and I can’t even get my video played out there. But… maybe they will like with Estelle. Working with Estelle is going great, she has such an amazing personality. Her soul just has this light; she’s wonderful. We worked together opening up for John Legend, years ago in Europe. She was amazing then, a great girl, and then came out and now she’s ‘Estelle.’ But when she and I toured together we were both still pretty much unknown so I feel this kindred spirit with her because we toured together before we both made it.

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