Friday, February 05, 2010

Rox:My Baby Left Me

No.10 in our RWD 20 for 2010...

With appearances on Jools Holland, and features in the Sunday Times (as well as being a RWD One To Watch in December ‘09), it looks like 21 year-old Roxanne Tataei has a great chance at hitting the big time. Inspired by “Love, Sade and Frida Kahlo (the eyebrow icon),” the BBC Sound Of 2010 tipped singer is already working with several big hitters on her debut album, due out this year. “I worked with Commissioner Gordon (Lauryn Hill) and Al Shux (Sway/ Jay-Z). It was great to lay down the foundations with Commissioner out in New Jersey, but it was really when I came back home to the UK, and started working with Shux, that my songs truly came to life,” she says.

Having had a taster of the aforementioned tunes including most recent single No Going Back (check the Guido remix), and the incredible Sad Eyes, we can testify that music lovers are in for a real treat. With a fantastic vocal, a bag for of melody and an ear for a hit, ROX and Shux have created some stone-cold classics. “It's funny, because when I first met him around two years ago, he was just Shux and now he's ‘Jay-Z producer Shux,’” laughs ROX. “But I'm so happy for him. He's not just a producer; he's a songwriter, musician, genius. Shux really brought life to my visions. He filtered through all my ranting and channeled through my madness. That's a sign of a good producer, someone who caters to your needs instead of the other way round.” Outside of her own world, ROX would love to collaborate with Maxwell “I think we could create something magical...” and is tipping Liam Bailey and Ghost Poet as others set to blow this year.

Back to her, and there’s no big sell, no self-gassing, no wild proclamations; seems like ROX is as downhome as the music she makes. “I am who I am and I do what I do. No false pretenses and no gimmicks. It's just me writing songs from experience and sharing them. Simple,” says the south of the river dwelling resident. Next up, besides a gig at Dingwalls, is the culmination of a couple of dreams. “What I'd really love is to have a No.1 selling album, and get to tour the world,” she decides. “If I got those two things, I could have a couple boxes ticked on my goals list for next year.”

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