Wednesday, March 03, 2010

GaGa. Lauper. Osbourne.

Went to this yesterday - twas a lot.

Three. Hot. Bishs. One. Great. Cause.

Here's a bit of what they all had to say:

GaGa: “Wrap it up, it’s not complicated. What’s so amazing about the Viva Glam campaign and the M·A·C AIDS fund, and what Cyndi and I are doing together with that, is that at this moment in time women are at the highest rate of infection, we are the democratic most affected. For both Cyndi and I, it’s about inspiring our fans as much as we can to be whoever they want to be, and to express themselves and be confident in who they are, so when they are in a moment of vulnerability and weakness in the bedroom and the condom negotiation begins, the woman feels strong enough and confident enough to say ‘I don’t have unprotected sex, I practice safe sex or not at all.”

Cyndi: “There are other women around the globe who do not have, and are not afforded, that kind of negotiation, so for those women, the M·A·C AIDS Fund is working with a pharmaceutical company that is developing a female condom so no longer is there negotiation; it’s in the woman’s hands.”

Sharon: “What do you feel is the biggest sexual challenge facing women right now?”

Cyndi: “That you have to negotiate someone else to wear a condom.”

GaGa: “The female orgasm! This campaign is fun and it’s beautiful and colourful, because sex is fun and beautiful and colourful and we want to talk about it.”

GaGa: “Some people are stuck in thinking that AIDS only affects the same people that it affected in the ‘80s and that it can’t affect women and that it’s mostly a disease that affects gay community.”

Cyndi: “People need to be smarter, that’s the whole idea; don’t be a knucklehead. Take care of yourselves; spread the word, not the disease.”

GaGa: “Love yourself, protect yourself.”

Cyndi: “Viva Life, Viva Glam.”

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