Friday, March 19, 2010

Justin Bieber Interview


Justin is AMAZING!!

Actually, he's a bit of a brat to be real, but hey, he's 15 and famous...

Here's the video for the AMAZING new single Baby. I'm OBSESSED with it. Literally.

32million views. Forchriiisssttttsakkkkke!

And here's my RWD interview, innit.

He might be a new name to over 18’s, but Usher’s 15 year-old protégé has teens screaming on both sides of the Atlantic.

The 5’3 blonde boy flops onto the floor. “I’m tired,” he whimpers, before asking for his coat. “It’s cold.” Typical teenage behavior, except in Justin’s case, he’s a little more famous than your average kid. “I’m a happy person in general,” says Justin Bieber, pointing out he likes the non-stop rounds of promo and performance. “Sometimes it can be grueling, but it’s still fun.”

He’s had to get used to it; hitting the Billboard charts and selling out shows to thousands of screaming teens, the protégé of Usher is looking to be this year’s smash hit sensation. “When I first met Usher I was so excited. He was just like ‘Uh, yeah, hi kid,” remembers the Canadian crooner of meeting his idol in an Atlanta parking lot two years ago. “I was there to meet Jermaine Dupri and he didn’t want to get in the way of that. But then he checked out my videos and was like ‘This kid is really talented,’ and he flew me out to meet him.” Ush wasn’t the only one impressed by Justin. Having received upwards of 50million hits on YouTube with his covers of Usher, Ne-Yo and Kanye (“It started with 100 people watching and it just snowballed from there”), a certain Mr. Timberlake also tried to sign the up-and-comer. “I was flown out to meet Justin and he was really nice. We watched basketball together and hung out and I got to meet with Jessica Biel,” he grins a little lasciviously. Though he didn’t end up signing to JT, he did ink with Usher and Island records, and before he knew it, he was recording with Ludacris - “I met him out in Atlanta a while back. He’s a really nice guy” – and hanging out with Diddy. “I went to his house; he was joking around saying he was going to give me his Lamborghini! He didn’t.” The highpoint though was singing for Barack Obama. “That’s something that I’ll never forget, it was such an honour,” he says, before adding that meeting Beyoncé was another high. “When I met her at the VMA’s, it was a really great night. I’ve liked her my whole life. She’s so, so hot,” he swoons. “She’s an unrealistic crush cos she’s married and stuff, but…”

A typical teenage boy, the Kings of Leon and Jay Sean fan loves nothing more than talking about girls. “I like girls with nice, pretty eyes and a nice smile. I like girls that are funny because I like to laugh and joke around.” And girls are going crazy for him; a concert in New York late last year had to be shut down after mayhem broke out. “They expected 1000 girls and 10,000 showed up so the security wasn’t ready for it,” he remembers. “It was a security hazard for the kids cos they were pushing up against the glass, so it was really bad.” It’s something he’s having to get used to. Even in the UK, where he’s only just released his first single, , hundreds of girls show up to his appearances on GMTV and the like. “It shows how powerful the Internet is nowadays and how you can put stuff on the Internet and it’s not seen just in one country but worldwide,” points out the boy who learned to sing via Boyz II Men’s On Bended Knee. “It’s really important that you get stuff on the Internet and people don’t realise that. That’s why some of the older artists are falling down because they’re not using the Internet in the same way that younger artists are.”

He’s not doing bad for a kid from Canada – not exactly known for their urban/pop exports. “I’m from a little town, like 30,00 people. I never really sang in public until I was 12 in a local competition. It’s definitely a big change going from a little town in Canada to Atlanta to record my album.”

The album, My World, stuffed full of teen idol R&B-lite pop songs might not be to all tastes, but you gotta give it to the kid who can not only sing, but co-writes and plays guitar, piano and drums. “I think I bring something new. I’m a teen but my music can relate to anybody, not just teenagers. Anyone who’s a really good musician can appreciate it. I’m having fun what I’m doing,” he insists. “I guess that’s everyone’s goal but I strive to be No.1.”

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