Friday, March 19, 2010

Kano: Jack Bauer


Track Burglar is so siiiiiiick!

He goes in over Drake, Tinie, Snoop and some other beats I don't recognise.

Here's what Kane had to say bout it bout it:

"The mixtape is born! Call it a little present from me before I drop the big fourth album Method to the Maadness this summer, For now, here’s quick thing I threw together in a week (7 days for real). The tape’s called Jack Bauer: The 7 Day Edition and I named it that because I felt like Jack from ‘24′ working to a deadline to get this shit done ever since I opened my big fuckin’ mouth and said that I could do it. But yes, I does this!"

Avatar's shit, look better with the shades on!"

Also, I bloody love 24, so the fact he's made an entire mixtape dedicated to CTU is more than a win/win really.

Download this bish right now...

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