Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Tinie Tempah: 229 Live Show

Congrats to Dumi and Tinie for not only putting on a great show last night, but it looks pretty much certain that Pass Out will hit No.1 this week. A massive, massive acheivement, these guys have worked from the ground up, making their own videos, scrimping and saving for years to get Tinie's career off the ground. And not only have they done it, but they've done it with a mo'fo'ing No.1. JHEEEEZZZZ!

Last night proved to me that Tinie is more than one hit single though; he's a little star with a bag of hits (Written In The Stars, Invincible and the Alison Moyet sampling Love Resurrection) that is, says Tinie "Tailor-made for ibiza.", charm, charisma and the drive to become one of the scene's biggest success stories.

Here's some pix and footage from last night. Hope that's ok with Tinie - but hey, didn't video the new stuff just in case...!

Catch him live if you can and go and buy the single if you haven't already....

Bad Romance: (Tbh I uploaded the wrong bit of this, meant to do the shorter one where he raps but it takes forever to get up on Youtube and I frankly can't be arsed now, so make do with this one, yeah? Cool)


Pass Out with Labrinth - it goes OFF!

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