Friday, May 28, 2010

Alicia Keys Black Ball London

Last night saw Alicia host her second Keep A Child Alive Black Ball in London.

While the night boasted a hugely impressive guestlist (Chris Martin, Thandi Newton, Tinie, Tinch, JLS, Gwyneth Paltrow, Katie Price) and amaze performances from AK, Bryan Ferry and Kasabian, the really amazing part of the night was the way Alicia and the charity's co-founder, Leigh Blake, raised a whole lot of cash for orphaned kids affected by AIDS in Africa. As well as charging corporates a hefty amount for the VIP tables, an auction that included signed Laboutin's from the Alicia/ Beyonce vid, and a studio session with Swizzy (JLS outbid Tinch and got it for £30,000), the pair spoke eloquently, passionately and with humour and warmth. Really impressive stuff.

The work KCA does is massively invaluable and life-changing for so many kids in Africa. If you can afford a couple of quid, then go to a .

(Oh yeah and Swizzy done got her up the duff. Not that it wasn't HUGELY obvs given the figure-covering dress she to chose to wear).

(Oh and one more thing, I'd like to apols to Tinie Tempah for dragging him downstairs with my friend dan to 'meet' Kasabian. It didn't happen. Soz bout that. I blames DSM).

One more time, head to to donate.

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