Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Giggs: Artwork and Tracklisting

Giggs gave the NME a lil exclusive of the album artwork, and the full tracklisting.

I had the opportunity to hear it recently and it's really uncompromising. People who love Giggs for Giggs, won't be disappointed; uncompromising real hip hop shiiiiiiit:

The album is out on June 21 and was recorded in London's The Workshop and Canalon Studios, and was mixed by up-and-coming producer Gan. Giggs discusses the album and its recording process in the new issue of NME, out tomorrow.

Here's the tracklisting:

'Hustle On'
'Look What The Cat Dragged In'
'The Way It Is'
'Bus Commercial'
'Get Your Money Up'
'Ner Ner'
'Reminiscing' (featuring Joe Grind and Gunna Dee)
'The Loves Still There' (featuring Kyra)
'Little Man & Me' (featuring ML)
'Life' (featuring Shereen Shabana)
'What More Do They Want'
'Matic' (featuring Gunna Dee and Y.Butch)
'Up, Up & Away' (featuring J-Melo)
'Have It Out'
'All I Know (Get Your Money Up Remix)' (featuring Nathan)
'Let Em Ave It'

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