Thursday, June 24, 2010

One To Watch: Hesta Prynn

Yeah so I interviewed this New York sing-slash-rapper the other day and who knew you'd have so much in common with someone! Not only do we both love Nicki Minaj and Jigga (obvs), but we're both fans of Stephen King's The Stand AND we both love playing big ole' '90s hits when we DJ, AND she also plays Tinie, Pro Green and Chase & Status!!! Admittedly, I rarely DJ and she can actually mix, but you get the picture.

Perhaps a bit more interestingly, she's a rather great new artist that I think is well worth checking out. She's not inspired by love and stuff like that, intead she watches crazy horror films and reads weird books and then goes into the studio to write. Oh and one of her biggest inspirations is Snoop's Doggystyle, so, you know, what more do you need?

"I got really into horror; stories and horror movies to me seem to be the place where my stories are coming from cos I’m not interested in personal stories right now," she explained to me. "I’m interested in imagination and I’m really inspired by that. Musically my favourite band is the Pixies, and I love Damon Albarn; there’s a dark element to all of the bands that he’s involved with, and even things like the Eurythmics have a dark quality. Oh and I love everything about the Wu Tang Clan, I listen to them so much. That shit is so dark and so awesome. I feel like a lot of that has seeped inside my life, walking the streets or whatever, the pace of my life on my headphones. I come home from working all day and watch a fucked up, weird, horror movie and this is the record that I made."

She's going to be playing Wireless next week, so go and see her live performance in which she apparently drops some dances, or she's supporting Tegan And Sara at the Roundhouse, London this eve if you happen to be going.

This is Can We Go Wrong, taken from a forthcoming EP of the same name.

The full fruits of our chat will be in the next issue of RWD.

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