Thursday, June 03, 2010

Riz MC: Hundreds + Thousands

Sick beatby Tomb Crew and lyrics that make you go ohh from the one like Riz. it's out in June and taken from the forthcoming album, MICroscope.

Here's some words from Riz: "I woke up one morning, made a cup of tea, watched the news”, explains Riz. “Saw the banks had gone bust and the public now owned them - we'd saved their asses. I raised an eyebrow. Opened my post and saw that I had an overdraft charge letter from a bank that I now own. My eyebrow dropped. Few friends were on the same boat. So we carved our credit cards into ninja stars, weaved abseiling rope from MP's expenses receipts, and headed for the City. ‘Hundreds+Thousands’ is a robin hood credit-crunch revenge track. You know the type, right? For bankers, broke folk, and bass bandits.”

He's doing a show at Fabric next Thursday that promises to be some next-level, crazy performance, the likes of which you'll never have seen before.

Riz is honestly one of the most innovative, interesting artists working in the UK right now. Truefax.

If you haven't seen him in Four Lions yet, you're a crazyfool. CRAZYFOOL!

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