Monday, July 12, 2010

Ghetts: Calm Before The Storm

Track 4. That's all I'm saying.

Ghetts remains one of the grimiest MCs in the world.

Gonna buy this now

1. Intro
2. Artillery
3. Back From The Mountain
4. My Sperm
5. Doseinit Now
6. Grime Daily
7. We're Moving Along (Ft. Maxsta)
8. Feel And Caress (Ft. Dollar Da Dustman)
9. Still Singing (Ft. Mercston)
10. The Greatest (Ft. Shola Ama)
11. Trendsetter (Ft. Sharky Major & Diesel)
12. Skadoosh (Ft. Dollar Da Dustman & Maxsta)
13. Job For You (Ft. Youngsta & Brutal)
14. By Shy (Ft. Sons Of Soul)
15. We Control This (Ft. Devlin & Griminal)
16. Brainless (Ft. Wallace & Fix Dot'm)
17. Trained To Kill (Ft. Dot Rotten)
18. Salute Me (Ft. Badness & Delusion)
19. Body Language (Ft. Fix Dot'm & Buck)
20. Legend In The Making (Ft. Lauren Mason) (Bonus Track)
21. Destruction Of The Eiffel Tower (Bonus Track)

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