Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Oh And...

I'm even late with my own shizzle, but I've not been on the blogging hype for a minute...

This is my Kanye cover for i-D that I did in New York the other month.

(This is him, in the studio, taken on my BB about 4 minutes after he poited out how he hates bad pictures. SOZZO!)

Here's a teaser intro... go get it!

"I love gay people. I love white people, I love women – cos this is another thing where in hip hop we use the word ‘bitch’ so much that people might think I have a problem with women’ – I love and accept people. I love douchebags too because they are who they are. Everything that I want to express is more about making the world a better place; there’s been times when I did it in the wrong way and understand that what I’m trying to put out is not really just about me. That’s the day I had to stop being a bitch about being a celebrity. ‘Oh I’m so disgruntled, oh I want to do this’ blah blah blah. How the fuck could I be disgruntled, why would I live my life like it’s so sucky to be me? Why don’t I just have an awesome time being me cos I’m living the dream? Just be an example of happiness and good energy so when I come around people are like ‘Oh man I’m happy he’s around’ versus ‘He’s so difficult.’ What I had to figure out is things that I would do and things that I wouldn’t do. If I put myself in a situation doing things I shouldn‘t be doing, then things are going to be difficult… The media, America in particular, have done everything possible to make people not love me. It’s put me in a position - and it’s actually fun for me because I think I’m extremely loveable because my will is good and I have new things, new inventions, new creations to bring to the world – it put me in a position where I had to rethink my whole approach to everything and I couldn’t get away with the same bullshit. I had to step my whole game up across the board; visually, from the way I dress, the way I act, the way I treat people, punctuality, and, as you see, the music and the raps and how often I deliver it…"

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