Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Roman's Revenge: Weezy F Remix

Available on the deluxe edition of Pink Friday. Is that even available here? I think the US version features some of my reent interview with her, as a bonus, when you insert the CD via Facebook.

Or something.

Who am I kidding like I know anything about technology. Ayo.

Anyway, here's Lil Tiny Wayne on the remix to the almighty Roman's Revenge. The sizzurp free spitter does a mighty fine job. Mighty fine I tell you.

I'd type a couple of my fave lyrics out but truth be told it's 1.30am and I only switched my lappy on for 10 minutes to check one thing, got distracted, and next thing you know I'm copying embed codes and searching for cool pictures of them two on the internets.

Get me to bed....

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