Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ghetts: MTV Panel Diss

Myself and some peeps were asked by MTV Base to talk about the top 10 MCs of 2010. Now, whether you define that by commercial or technical success, who knows, but Ghetts was NOT too happy to not be included.

I'm not too happy that he didn't go in on us more. I was expecting at least one suck ya mama....

Oh well.

Ghetts, you're an amazing MC, it's why I've written about you countless times. But the people on the list are, for the most part (I tried to argue Chipmunk up higher and also Kano), deserved.

It's all just opinion innit. In the full length footage, Wretch was given the nod for smashing it in 2011, as were the Sways', Ghetts, Griminal etc who had a relatively quiet year in comparison to the 10 mentioned. For me, it's an accumulation of cultural impact, skill and commercial success, that's the way I approached this list. It ain't science though, is it?

My main beef with this list was that there wasn't one single female on it. Again, I think that's fair enough. There's some amazing girls out there, but none that had the impact in 2010 that those dudes did. Looking forward to seeing Lioness, Roxxx, Leshurr, Bratt, A Dot, Blue and so on, change that in 2011.


Anonymous said...

my question is why is chipmunk on it he never released anythin wat abt dizzie he ddnt release any album or does singing with shakira guarantee a number 2 spot on the list of the Best MCs dont even get why wretch aint ther u man are jokers no one will take u serious yo crazy

Anonymous said...

well coz ghetts didnt say it i will. suck ur rass clat mum hattie coz your list in "my opinion" suck the most amount of gym sweat balls!!!

G.R.E.Ed.S said...

Clearly both of you are missing the point.

and for the most part, I believe this is a wake up call for him because now his work rate will be sky high.

When one gets complacent, especially around "Friends" that wont necessarily steer you in the path destined, you end up caught up in your own hype.

He will produce some his best work now, why? because reality struck and now he will work.

if you are a fan of Ghetts/Wretch based on just lyrics, then I suggest you take into consideration the factors that contribute to an artist holistically, not ignorantly.

Buy heyyyyy... Im a spoken word artist, so people like you two probably mug of that genre all the time but.. Im coming for ya!

Ask JP he knows (oh, who was also on the Panel may I add)


I dare you not to knod your head.


Anonymous said...

no doubt i bet this hattie woman is some white chick who claims 2 kno bout the music we live and breathe. This is a lifestyle b**ch. U have 2 live it 2 actually feel it otherwise just dress bak. Best mc's can only mean lyrically. Not how much mula u got 2 push ur promo. Shit mc's can have bugdet 2 make bare promo's does that mean they'r good or consistant bcos the hooked up funds? Suck out U KNOW SHIT. ...who is this saddo anyway stick 2 rock and pop and join nme or popworld or somtin damn no ghetts u mad. US & europeans rate this ghetss and kano as one of UK's top 3.