Tuesday, December 18, 2007


More trouble in Amy-Land. The Beehived chick has just been arrested in East London in connection to her husband's case of perverting the course of justice.

I don't know if that dude tried to bribe someone or not, but if so, what a flop artist. You would have probably got a slap on the wrist/ a couple of months for ABH or whatever, and now you're looking at life cos you couldn't bribe some dude to shhh huh his muuuuuh! Dammmm. I hope if he was on that, then he kept Amy out of it.

Anyhoo, Wino was taken into Shoreditch Police Station just after 5pm this evening. If it wasn't so cold and I could actually be arsed, I'd go for a nose around. But it is cold. And I definitely can't be arsed. Good job I'm not a news journalist, eh!

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