Sunday, January 06, 2008

8 Things What Are Great For '08

1. Lil Wayne. Obviously.

'The Only Reason' Ft. Sizzla and T Streets

'The Kush'

2. Lil Kim. Like, duh. Here she is getting her Lady of Rage on!
'Rock On With My Badself'

3. Soon as the Ill Nana breaks free, it's on (hopefully!)
'We On Fire'

4. Boy Better Know - no audio, but promises of new albums from the whole BBK clan are cirulamating. And Chippy too, obviously.
Wiley 'I'm Going Out'

5. Outkast. Forget Idlewild, Dre 3000 is not playing. At all.
Andre 3000'Live In The Sky (remix)' (Not as good as 'Storytelling Part 4/ 'Players Anthem' but pretty compelling nonetheless)

6. The Game. New album afoot apparently, called, I think, LAX and it will apparently feature the Good Doc. Listened to The Documentary again the other day - frickin' great album that, I care not what anyone says.

('Dope In My Blood' co-staring Young Money hisssself...)

7. T2. He has something afoot that "no one is going to expect," he promised moi recently. TS7, H2O, Sean B. Scott are also looking likely to keep the bassline movement going. It's all about the warp and manipulation pon '08.

(I'm not encouraging download of UK tunes, so here's an old YouTube. DJQ 'Shottaz.' I'll never get sick of hearing this clip. "If them-a-no come out in-a 90 seconds...")

8. The new wave of chicks; Adele, Duffy, Eliza Doolittle, Rye-Rye, Santogold, Kid Sister etc, etc. And better yet, none of them are trying to be the next Amy/ Lily blah blah. Ok, so there might be some MIA references afoot from a couple of them, but what's truly original, eh!

This is Duffy's 'Warwick Avenue'. I think she's like Dolly Parton/ Bonnie Tyler mixed into one. In a good way.

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