Monday, January 07, 2008

Elliot Wilson Fired?

Editor of XXL Elliot Wilson was suddenly fired today. No reasons as to why as yet.

Most of you probably won't care, but I'm way shocked. As an editor, he's definitely someone I look up to. Unapologetic, brash, ballsy and unbreakable (well, almost) he steered the good ship XXL so faithfully and fearlessly.

I think XXL hasn't been as good recently (much as I love kris ex I found the Wayne story pretty dry), and the design is still crappy, but it's still the best hip hop mag in the US content and personality-wise.

I'm sure Wilson will be fine - his missus works for Vibe - and he'll go onwards and upwards. I hope there's a good reason though, rather than clash of personality or politics BS. If the magazine is that dumb to get rid of someone who has done so much for them, then they're truly dumbass...

Good luck to Mr Wilson!


Janice aka Miss B said...

I was shocked when I heard the news. I didn't see this coming.....I guess all those covers featuring Lil Wayne (and that atrocious one featuring Lil Wayne and Baby (Lord help us!) was the final straw!

Nick said...

I met him in New York last year. Nice guy, hopefully he will go on to bigger and better things