Saturday, January 19, 2008

Consequence & Kanye

Now, I don't know the official story with this, but some months before The College Dropout dropped, I was sent a six-track sampler that included the original Homecoming, the Lauryn version of All Falls Down, and this, the track that remains one of the most played on my Kanye iPod playlist.

Looks like it's officially a Consequence track now.

Either way, it's such a tune. And Con's flow and verses easily beat Kanye's. This hasn't been changed a bit from the version I first heard three-ish years ago.

'Ey, yo, good morning America/ Good morning to Erika, who gave me good head while watching Good Morning America/ Good day New York, have a good day in court, my n****s driving round the hood looking for good yay to snort..."

Great vid too...

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Anonymous said...

This song was on Consequence's album "Don't Quit your Day Job" released early last year. It's called "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly" and it one of my most played tracks too...