Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Wire: It's A Lot

So it's taken me about five years, but I finally got round to watching The Wire, thanks to Amoeba in Los Angeles beautifully cheap selection of DVD's.

And oh my God. (Wallace? Gutted...)

So many people kept telling me I'd love it, but I can't be trying to watch a programme from series three or something.

So, yeah, Series 1 done, Series two and episode two. Officially addicted. Gots to catch up to FX before next week so get stuck into season three.

No problem.

I love the way it's written, acted and produced; no one's truly good or bad, there are good and bad people in all walks of life and people can be gay or straight, not-dependent on what they do in life. Everything is just presented so matter of factly without, not judgment-free exactly, but without any kind of annoying moral stance. It is what is izzzz.

I am very annoyed I didn't do the Idris Elba interview for RWD recently.

I was sleeping.

But now I am awake. Wide awake!!

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