Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fox and Kim Ain't The Only Good Chicks In The Game

Perhaps the most consistent female MC in the UK game, No Lay returns with two releases for 2008.

First up is a free download, available from Ms No Lay's MySpace. The New Chapter will feature snippets, freestyles and 'old stuff' and will be available from tomorrow (Friday).

The mixtape proper, No Comparisons will drop next month in February.

For those of us that have met No Lay, seen her perform live, listened to her freestyle on radio or copped past releases like classic Unorthodox Daughter know that she's one of the UK's strongest female, in fact, strongest rappers full stop.

Don't just take my word for it: Semtex had this to say about her recently when I interviewed him for a piece on women in UK hip hop. "For me, Nolay is the most exciting female to hit the scene since Dynamite. She is as brutal on the mic as any guy, and she hits you with the vocal delivery that is jaw dropping. I sincerely feel sorry for any competition that steps in her path. It is difficult to believe that a beautiful young single Mum like Nolay can omit so much passion and energy in a devastating delivery when she raps."

What he said!

For those that don't know, check No Lay out for yourself here:
No Lay MySpace

And check No Lay on Tim & Barry TV!

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