Tuesday, January 22, 2008

'I Carried An Ahava Bag...'

I had to liberate this from Perez, it's too much.

Can someone please explain to me how this is Jennifer 'Nobody puts Baby in a corner' Beals.

If this chick was in Dirty Dancing, I can only assume it was the XXX version, youknowdemwazdere.

A few years back, Beals had a nose-job thinking it would aid her career. Unfortunately, it meant no one recognised her and she hasn't been seen since.

I just can't get over how different she looks though.


Also, re the Amy Winehouse footage, I just can't face posting or commenting on it. I don't know what the girl is smoking, but it's too sad. The fact she's smoking what she's smoking in the manner she's smoking it is bad, but plus the fact she has people around her like that that are selling her out for a quick few quid, it's...

It's all just bad.


Anonymous said...

Don't you mean Jennifer Grey, not Beals?

hattie collins said...

Ahem, yes, yes I do. I stand corrected!

It's all around the '80s tho innit and all that dancing - flashdance/ dirty dance-ing

PhatKat said...

The thing that was so crazy to me was that even though it was obvious as hell that the girl had a nose job...it wasn't at all a bad nose job! Had Jennifer Grey started her career in this mellineum, that nose would have had to go. Ashley Tisdale (the lil white chic from High School Musical), just got her 16 year old behind a nose job. It did change Jennifer Grey's face considerably but I feel like she looked much more mature and sophisticated which is great because who wants to be typecast as damn nerd?