Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Skinner Says Bye-Bye To Beats

Mike Skinner bid a heated farewell to his beloved label The Beats recently.

In business for three years, The Beats, run out of a very, very small shed in West London, was home to the Mitchell Brothers, Example and Pro Green.

Cash was cut though, the Shed was robbed and sales stalled, forcing Skinner to shut shop before Christmas. In typical Beats tongue-in-cheek fashion, the guys recently bid an emotional farewell to the Beats and all who sailed in her by pouring absinthe over a coffin fill of mixtapes.

Said Ted May: "Green was struck down by many mysterious illnesses, Example's album wasn't received like it should have been at radio, the Mitchell's second album was still-born and the shed was robbed at gun-point. But the Beats leave behind a legacy of artists."

Skinner also said he'd learned some valuable lessons, being owner of a record label for three years. "Don't listen to the bosses and if you're going to be involved with music that isn't your own music, then it has to be someone else's. That sounds like one of those dodgy quotes that doesn't make sense - but it does make sense."

I think he means that if you're going to do a label as an artist, get other acts that are totally unlike you and don't give them your beats etc. I dunno, that's what I think he meant anyway!

See the funeral pyre for yourself here:

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