Monday, January 14, 2008

She Used To Be Afraid Of The D**k...

But now she be like the Greatest Of All Time.

Yep, get the Brat/ Lauryn/ 50/ Queen Latifah sampling mixtape here:

Just started playing, but so far 9.5/ 10

"JT had a sexy track, but it's gon take me, Lil Kim, to bring sexy back." And then she sings 'the mafia bella-ella-ella' to Umbrella.

"Haters kiss my bikini wax - The Queen is back!"

I am SO excited about the new album. In fact, forget that, I'm SO excited about this mixtape. Now, where Foxy at!?

Tracklist is a little something like this:

1. Hood News: Kim Is Free
2. Miss GOAT
3. Mis Education Of Lil Kim
4. I Get It
5. The Wrath Of Lil Kim's Madness
6. Chillin' Tonight
7. Need A Bitch Ft. Nate Dog
8. Hatin' Kim Skit
9. It's Kim Bitches
10. Fuck You
11. Rock On With Ya Badself
12. Queen Bitch 101
13. Kim Gets Deeper
14. Wanna Lick: Magic Stick Part 2
15. Thing On Me
16. Ain't My Fault
17. Kimmy More FT. Britney
18. Salute The Women In Hip Hop
19. Let It Go Ft KEyshia and Missy
20. Mr Cee Speaks
21. Freaky Girl Ft Gucci Mane
22. Outro
23. No One Remix Ft. Alicia Keys

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