Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Vic Reeves...

Was a bit pissed and 'forgot' what he was presenting.

Rock and roll.


Why is he even presenting an award? Was Cheryl Baker busy?

Now Sharon is swearing a lot. Yikes. Note it is after 9pm so still not rock and roll. Had she thrown out the 'C word, I'd have been a lot more impressed...

The Arctic's just made a quite good joke about the Brits school. I rates them for that.

Well then, that's it.

Ok, it's not, Paul McCartney is still yet to play but lets face it, ain't no one trying to watch THAT! DEADOUT!!

One thing that is surprising - apart from how much surgery Paul McCarney has had - is that Leona Lewis won diddly-squat. Who knew?

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