Sunday, March 02, 2008

BET London Launch...

I couldn't make the big night, but Boywonder and Shoyemi upheld the RWD name, swishing about the party and generally being fabulous. I wanted to go and catch the partay and see Alicia Keys, but things conspired against me (namely the Bourne Supremacy DVD and other such importance).

I had also seen Alicia Keys perform the night before at the O2 (Queen Latifah and Cheryl Cole were also in the hizouse) and, hmm, lets just say it wasn't her best show. She's one of my favourite live performers, but maybe the ole laryngitis just got the best of her. I dunno.

Here's some flicks via Concrete Loop. Estelle and her sis, Souljaboytellem, Kano, Reggie Yates who's supposed to be dating Kelly Rowland - very cute couple, Jamelia and um, I forget who else I uploaded... Oh yeah, duh, Alicia Keys!

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