Monday, March 17, 2008

Last Night, Revisited...

Ok, so people keep asking me what happened. There's a great account over here: Moving The Crowd

So basically, entering from backstage - I had just done an interview with Wayne so traveled to the Rex with the label peeps and slipped in with them.

THE ticket for Sunday night

A few songs in, some guy went toward Wayne. Simultaneously, another fight broke out, and then another and another and it looked like people were getting from the crowd were storming onstage. So needless to say, Weezy's security are pretty busy. With something like 60 people onstage and it all kicking off, the show eventually ground to a halt. I heard there were a few fights in the crowd too, but I didn't see, so who knows.

The Rockstar that is Weezy F Baby

It was basically fights, fights and more fights, with no where to actually leave, short of jumping into the 1000-strong crowd, who by this point were pissed off and getting pretty lively.

Little Duffle Bag Boy

From my POV, this was absolutely not the fault of Lil Wayne. People say he shouldn't have said that the audience should beat up the guy who went at him, but he must have been like 'what? what the hell? I'm doing a show, I'm trying to play people my music.' The crowd reaction was so huge, people were so excited and his performance, what there was of it, was so good. But, once more, London managed to show they have no idea how to behave and made themselves, and us, look like dumbasses. Weezy must have been like 'what the hell, where am I?'

This is the second time in two weeks I've had to duck flying objects - I'm hoping there's not a third. Trying to be balanced, I have been to hundreds of shows, concerts and raves where nothing has happened, but I've also been to a few where things that you wouldn't see down your local pub have occurred. Sometimes you can't help feeling that people specifically go to shows just to do something. The questions is, of course, Why? Seriously, why? Who, other than your four boys that you can say 'Yeah, I did this, I did that, so-and-so is a prick' gives a shit?

What people actually came to see. Shame it didn't go the way we all wanted...

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