Monday, March 17, 2008

Weezy F Is Still The Best

So by now you've maybe heard about the Rex dramz. Well, it's just too dumb, Too, too dumb. Luckily, no one did anything with anything other than their fists and feet, and I hope no one was too badly hurt, but London is full of dikkkkheads. However, after being stuck with nowhere to go for 30 minutes, we finally got outta there. And hey, it was a good show while it lasted! Wayne entered with black shades and a metallic 'Martian' jacket to Party Like A Rockstar, dropped the Soulja Boy dance, did Ride For My N*****s, Duffle Bag Boy, This Is Why I'm Hot, Go DJ, erm, and definitely a few others but truth be told I spent a large percentage of the show dodging man mountains as they hauled people around and jumped on their heads.

BUT! I got that interview! Yes, after 3 years of waiting, I got 25 minutes with Lil Weezy. It was odd, funny, strange and, at the end, totally strange, as you'd expect really. Watch for a series of features running very soon.

Here's some pix from the show, will upload vid footage soon. Check Semtex's far superior shots at Semtex Pix

The one like Wayne, just after the interview. He now has a red tatt above his right eye that reads 'I Am Music.' And I do believe he is

The Big Dawg Sem, backstage, pre-kick off!

Chippy prepares to take the stage. I noticed before he went on, he was going over his lyrics, mumbling to himself. I like that.


Anonymous said...

What actually went down last night? I heard about the armed police presence prior to the show etc and thought this ain't gonna be good, All i've come across is your post, any news?

David S said...

This is the best rundown of the madness last night:

..from one of the only guys on stage that ostensibly had a right to be there!

hattie collins said...

yeah i was with Mr MTC and that's the way I saw it happen. It was hard to see what had been thrown onstage cos all around us people were just getting beat down. Hard! They absolutely should have cleared the stage rather than locking everyone in - i would LOVE to have left right then, if I could. I'm still amazed there was no shooting, there were so many goons in there and like MTC says, the atmosphere backstage was clearly very dark. Not many men you'd fancy bumping into down a dark alley. Or a bright one for that matter
Whatever happened, it was the fault of people from London - not Weezy or his camp. Whether he could have diffused the situation better, I don't know, but at the end of the day it was dickheads that thought they were a lot when in fact they did nothing but make us all look like pricks. And once more, urban music is tarred with the same old brush. And people moan that we can't put on grime raves etc. Unfortunately, nights like last night show exactly why.


Oh dear...

David S said...

Thankfully I was up in the balcony where it was generally all love, VSOP and blunt smoke! But the floor crowd was heaving!

I really can't understand why they didn't just clear the stage, the groupies looked uncomfortable and didn't add to the atmosphere as a true groupie should, the hangers on were just trying to look hard and get their one second of notoriety and we had the most intriguing rapper alive willing to deliver what he had given to heads in Amsterdam..

A real shame, but with glimpses of an epic show in between the madness... not one to forget for sure!

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that, that all happened. Promotors obviously did a very poor job last night by the comments on MTC's blog, why soo many people were allowed backstage/on the stage area puzzles me, interested to hear how the other shows went at Watford and the Forum etc etc. Wayne is easily the biggest artist in the game right now and if Promotors fail to do their job adequately then the likeliness of artists such as Wayne coming over again are limited. It makes us look v.unprofessional... how they failed to make this a successful tour is beyond me? Area as a venue aswell? didn't quite understand that one aswell.

rant over.