Monday, April 21, 2008

Oh Dear...

Maybe I'm not getting it, but isn't the new Nas single, Be A N*****r Too just about some of the worst lyrics God's Son ever done did?

I mean, I get the sentiment, I see the point he's making and the way he's doing it, but the wordplay just seems so below Nas' level (apart from 'Y'all some tellers, opposite of bankers"). It's like he's doing a pastiche of being a bad rapper. Oh, maybe that is the point... (beat by Salaam Remi btw)

Here's a couple of 'gems':

"Not mad that Eminem said n****r cos he my n****r/ Wigger, cracker friend/ We all black anyway but then/ We all African ok, Some Africans don't like us, no way..."

"Some say NAACP keep us sidetracked but I don't buy that/ I buy Aston Martins/ Faster cars than NASA cars..."

"Wake up in the morning shake my third leg in the toilet/ Uzi on the nightstand/ I'm the man you go to war with/ not the man you go to war against."

What? Nah, that's just not Nas standard, soz..

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