Monday, April 21, 2008

Reasons Why Foxy Brown Is Amazing...

How skinny does she look? Damn, ain't they feeing people in prison?

Foxy Brown was released from jail recently after being given a 12 month sentence for violating her parole, and wasted no time in getting her rap and shop on!

Inga was released early from prison after spending eight months behind bars at the Rose Singer Center For Women at Rikers Island in New York.

Fox was met by her mother Judith Marchand, lawyer Charles Barron, hundreds of reporters and fans, and her entourage, including a hair stylist, makeup artist and her managers, who arrived in a fleet of luxury vehicles.

Fox went inside after hitting a neighbour with her Blackberry and is said to have had a couple of problems in jail, which landed her in solitary confinement at one point.

Once released, she is said to have been fully groomed before greeting her fans and the press. She then dropped a freestyle for those following her around.

Fox now plans to release her new album Brooklyn's Don Diva on 13 May.

Here's Fox busting a freestyle:

Fox in the Phantom greets fans...

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