Tuesday, April 01, 2008

So Shiny!!!!

Now, I'm not one for going out on Monday nights. I mean, I'll do anything to get out of leaving my house on a Monday. Even if it's just a quick showcase, an early gig, a cinema trip - I just am not on it on Mondays.

But, there's some things you can't deny.

When it was announced Estelle was having a party for her AMAZING new album Shine that is currently doing BRILLIANTLY IN THE ALBUM MIDWEEKS!!!!, I knew I had to woman up and get out there - Monday night or not!

And am I glad I did! You know those parties, where you know loads of people, the tunes are on point, the atmosphere is great and the whole place is just party, party, party? Yeah, that was last night. I didn't even drink (much!). I was too busy dancing to KP & Envi, Wiley, Skepta, Soul 4 Real, Ms Dynamite, Chaka Demus, Biggie, Jay-Z.... Shout out Big Ted (or should that be little Ted? How much weight has he lost!!) and Estelle's DJ whose names I've forgotten, which is fairly impressive as it must have been shouted out about 413 times. But yeah, DJ's were amazing, party was good, good, good times!

Here's some pix. Paul H has some great ones, but just checking it's ok to use them first!

Boywonder and Wonderboy Ashley. Actually, Emmanuel has officially dropped the 'Boywonder' tag and wishes all the other Boywonders would get over it! His words, people, his words...!

The amazing Shoyemi and fabulous hair stylist Aquila (I hope I spelled that right!)

The party girl and her homefry Ms. Bedders. Approximately 13 seconds after this picture was taken, these two took to the tables and started bopsing hard to More Fire Crew!! Did I ever tell the story of how I was the first person to interview Natasha? No. Oh, well, that's basically it. Top girl...

Mr. Viz. It won't blinkin' rotate the pic for some reason and I can't be bothered anymore...

Either I'm out a lot at the moment, or Chippy is cos I'm seeing this boy EVERYWHERE!

The one and only Paul H!!!

The one and only Sho Sho!!

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