Tuesday, April 01, 2008

'Who Are Ya, Who Are Ya?'

Last time I went to watch football, I was about six and my dad took me to see Birmingham City - go on the Bluuuuues(Ok, I don't actually support them, but, I gots to show Brum love!). Anyway, my mum packed me sandwiches and, for some reason, jelly. The man in the next to me laughed. I haven't been to a game since then. Sniff.

But, this week I ventured back. I didn't take no jelly, just a loud voice ready to shout at the referee and all that other stuff you're supposed to do at football. It was Crystal Palace V Blackpool and I tell you what, it was ace! You can keep that off-side rule malarky, but I had a blast. Shouts to Pen for the DIRECTOR'S BOX hook-up. Yeah, you knows how we duz, cuz...

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