Thursday, September 18, 2008

02, Orange and All Them Can Suuuucccckkkk...

I loves T-Mobile.

What other phone company, when presented with a snivelling customer who didn't want to pay a £450 bill would say 'Ok, how much do you want to pay? I gots £300 off that one, can you believe.

Anyway, rang the T on Tuesday trying to get an upgrade, and then on Wednesday to actually order it and not only do I get insane amounts of money off my tariff and a nice new Pearl for nothing, I had not one but two ace conversations with the operators.

The first dude used to be in a band so we had a good chat about music and ting and then the girl yesterday was a huge garage/ grime/ bassline fan who gave me joooooooke on the line.

I loves them T-Mobile peeps. just saying. That's my network for liiiife cuz....

And if anyone from there reading this wants to upgrade my other line early, haaaaaaaalla!

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Michael Morgan said...


I couldn't agree with you more. T-mobile are incredible! I came back from holiday after running up a £750.00 bill...they waived it, I paid nada!

Having experienced bad service from most of the other providers T-Mobile's customer service is second to none. Vodaphone, Orange and Virgin can all eat a dick up til they hiccup!