Thursday, September 18, 2008

Go Gaga

So a little while ago I did a post about ole Gaga where I couldn't decide if I loved her or not.

After Super Super's super party on Tuesday, I've decided I heart her. She's frickin' bonkers it's true, but she could actually be hugely, massively famous. I think Fiddy descibed her as 'Kylie on acid,' which I'll go with, but she's also how Madonna wishes she could be if she were cool. Or Britney if she were good but still mad. That little balance in-between...

Thanks to the miricle of Mojito, I can't remember the exact quote but I believe Gaga said something about loving three things; fashion, arrorgance and arrogant fashion.


Here's her performing Just Dance at Omo, but also loving Paparazzi and, ur, another one too...

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