Sunday, November 30, 2008

Britters In LDN

So she flopped GAY by not doing a performance, but here's Brit-Brit blowing out the candles on her 27th birthday cake.

Some may say her X-Factor performance wasn't all that, but hey, she's been proper ill recently. I know the miming was, but it was good to see her at least looking well and ting.

Go Britney!

(I lifeted this off my homefry Max 1X's blog)

Here's the X-Factor performance, as watched by Kate Moss, Sinitta and Cowell's other ex chick.

I have to hold my hand up and admit that I paid 35p to vote FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER for Alex. She was BAAAAAADDDDDD!!!!! That girl could make ya cry! She KILLED Listen...

As for Ruth? See yaaaaa.....

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