Monday, February 09, 2009

Grammy Twitter Highlights...(In reverse order innit)

atrak Putting fritos in chilli is the move

Ezugwu LOL @ them playing Chris Brown's advert! He needs to be boycotted! RIP your career hahahahahaha

Semtex whoa, Chris Brown ad. Not sure about double mint anymore


diplo Snoop dawg went wit three piece

sashafrerejones When did Kid Rock become Shaun Ryder?

diplo Al green looks like ceelo .. Also duffy fall bak

diplo Kid rok wuttuP! Rock us right now dooood sweet home alabama!!!

diplo Sheryl crow wuttup

qoolquest cole and i had our moment: she laughed at me catching her pouting over estelle's loss.

divadarlings I dont care right now coldplay suck.

diplo Reakwon wuttup

sashafrerejones OK, how are they going to handle the fact that Katy. Perry. Cannot. Sing. Question? Not a problem except that she put out "singing" records.

(as some random country chick comes on) Semtex **time to make the Cheese on toast and ginger tea.

Rosenbergradio if im not listening to hip hop--how could i spend time listening to coldplay? if i wanna cry and feel gay ill listen to james taylor

Rosenbergradio if i wanna hear good rock--ill listen to a good rock band

Rosenbergradio if i wanna move to the UK and f*ck dudes--ill pop in that coldplay

qoolquest lol...keysha won't give me eye contact. i tried giving her the "sup" nod like 4 times...i give up

necolebitchie rihanna in hospital and police been searching for chris since this morning. is this real life or an episode of the young & the restless
2 minutes ago from web

Rosenbergradio can black people please stop thinking coldplay is cool? it's giving them an existence they really don't deserve to have!

nahright shoulda cut to Whitney's face for Hov's Bobby line

qoolquest seat fillers not wanting to give puff they seats

sashafrerejones Chris Martin needs to give Fraggle Rock their piano back. (Also? Not even doing the one decent jam.)

diplo coldPlay is sittin right in front of me dressed like a mufffin on piano

cbmc_uk @hattiecollins Sleep. What's that?

Rosenbergradio OMG! TAYLOR SWIFT AND MILEY!! I'm about to LMFM and LMFAO and LOL and then JOTUAG

ElliottWilson When's the deep voiced nigga gonna come back home to Boyz II Men? SMH.

ToureX Al Green is a REALsinger with real range and power. Justin, stop embarrassing yourself.

amandadiva my mom: (in a w.i. accent) Dat justin is always with a Black man singing eh?

zayns Thinking that alot of these presenters need to calm down.
qoolquest robert plant just kicked me outta his seat lol

qoolquest "man. im kinda honored jonas bros gave me dap."

Ezugwu @solangeknowles, "loving the TopShop bag youre rocking @ Grammys! i wont tell if you wont"

qoolquest jonas bros turned this mofo into TRL circa 96

necolebitchie ryan seacrest get off the pipe! damn. paris hilton..this broad stay relevant..

qoolquest all the jamie foxx hosts were wrong about tiny. she is fione

diplo Got my seat.. Everyone dressed lik kanye 3 years ago.. PEople no more S-curl please

qoolquest rats. mcd's is open. and i gotta do red carpet

ArchnaSawjani why is john mayer still talking

diplo Ooppz ketchup on suittt

diplo They got a crew of 50 kids outside with signs that say m.I.a. Is a terrorist!!!! I want one!!!

hattiecollins @Semtex @ArchnaSawjani Lupe's hair? Anyone care to comment? Dude, you're at the GRAMMY'S!!!

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