Monday, February 09, 2009

Grammy Twitters: Part 2

(Twit OF THE NIGHT SO FAR)NotoriousBIG yo, i think i drank too much at clives party. swear i saw a lion look just like whitney houston.

bmc_uk @hattiecollins Hattie, Smokey Robinson's coming on later. Do you promise not to do a Quincy and Stevie diss on him? lol lol
ElliottWilson Is Puff rockin lavendar?

necolebitchie why did i decide to live blog..this is some bullsh*t..i quit..

chuckcreekmur @Semtex i agree. where is rick ross. somebody ask him a question he doesn't like.

Semtex This is boring. We need Rick Ross to crash the stage or something

ashafrerejones ok this is the thing where Chris Martin PRETENDS to be humble while REMINDING you how successful they are. *xanax* *xanax *xanax* *xanax*

killiterati I turn this ish on to see the Jonas Brothers? What the frak.

diplo Jonas broz go home

Semtex @hattiecollins there you go again..

hattiecollins is it inappropriate to make a 'thought he was blind not deaf' joke? Yeah, it probs is right

chuckcreekmur stevie showing t-pain what time it is

atrak what to say about mraz's tie

qoolquest i cant get over how much quincy looks like 88 era Al B Sure

diplo Jenniger hudson fucked this shit up tho!!!

diplo I'm startin to sober up here

divadarlings @qoolquest thanks for the pout much appreciated!

amandadiva you betta SANG j.hud...YOU BETTA SANG THAT SON

chuckcreekmur i wonder if chris gonna "beat" ri ri in this category? smh

Ezugwu @hattiecollins, Cyrus is showing Swift up big time. didn't think she could sing too tough

qoolquest "ITS MiiiiiiiiiiiiiILEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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