Monday, February 09, 2009

Grammy Twitters: Part 3

Semtex this 140 word limit can get you in trouble.......

Semtex the talking kind, not that white.

kimosorio1 @Missinfo why you let your uncle jay-z perform with the children? did he forget to take his geritol today?

Semtex LL man, holla at me for lines bro

hattiecollins @Semtex shit, yeah, gotta love a dyson... props to james all day

Semtex @hattiecollins Dyson too

hattiecollins @Semtex Soz, but this was a proper BRIT invasion - the UK killed it, and killed it hard. Mia, Estelle, Adele, Duffy (and old codger Macca)

ArchnaSawjani why so many old head performances?

keshandkitty Didn't bother watching grammys. Just read 4 pages of twitter and know everything that happened coz of u over excited bunch.

Semtex Brits abroad.....calm down

diplo Should I bumrush mccartney

Semtex **Praying no one bumps into MIA

diplo Mia droP it like itz hot

atrak after this performance, the word "swagger" is never to be used again.

NotoriousBIG oh shit! babyface spittin a rhyme with MIA!

kAHHthy M.I.A. is going to give birth to a teenager it's been so long.

(on MIA losing) zayns Umm i am alone in not having heard this record of the year?

(on MIA losing) hattiecollins MIA - THAT'S A PAR!!! Homegirl turns up 9 months pregnant and they give it to that old crusty rocker? Urghhhhh

(on MIA losing) sashafrerejones Makes. No. Sense. Was part of an album. No impact in world as single. GRAMMYS WHY DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND THE MUSICAL WORLD OF MUSIC,

(on MIA losing)diplo Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

hattiecollins @Semtex thank god I don't work for R2 is all i'm saying - suspension? sack-eration more like!!!!

Semtex @hattiecollins your going out likey Russell Brand tonight

hattiecollins i'd say something about natalie cole's tits falling out, but she has some serious illness and that would be wrong, right? right?

ToureX RT @TenderGittles: SPIT OUT THE GUM ADELE. Who do you think you are, Britney Spears?

atrak casual diddy

kAHHthy I love Morgan Freeman but is he aging throughout this speech?

(re adele) amandadiva "fank you fank you fank you" gotta love the Brits

kAHHthy Is Adele speaking in English?

diplo Yoyoyoyoyo estelle is by far best dressed girl here!

ToureX RT @diplo: kanyeezy doin lando calrissian wit tha hair.

semtex Ye's taking it to 80's

oureX Kanye will bring Michael Jackson's early 80s style back all by himself if he has to. But with Debarge's haircut

Rosenbergradio i still love having kanye represent us at these shows..even with his mullet..thats my guy

(re Katy Perry)Rosenbergradio i dont think i support katys outfit..and she has the charisma of danny aiello

(re Katy Perry) qoolquest the hillllllllllllarity of all the gospel artits frozen faces while kate perry perfiorms (adams, blind boys)

(re Katy Perry) atrak the forbidden fruit!

Semtex wtf is she wearing?
Semtex who writes this shit? part 2

kAHHthy Poor Katy Perry. She can't sing at all.

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