Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Cockandbullkid: She Talks....

Cocknbullkid just posted a new blog pon myspace.

I liked it, so I Apple A, Apple C and Apple V'd it... I've also handily bolded up the bits I particularly like...

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Oh me Oh my
Current mood: impatient

Hello all. Sorry for the lack of blogging.
Although something tells me the only person that this bothered was my one avid blog reader and general Cocknbull fanatic, Louise Latimer. This one goes out to you Cherub.

I've been meaning to say thanks very much for all the love you've been giving I'm Not Sorry out there in blogisphere. Really appreciated.
I'm adding links to some recent features, I've seen them all but too many for me to find the links for! Sorry to all the guys and girls who took the time to write them. I do appreciate them all ; )

Dazed and Confused

Thanks to all who came down to the Koko show, had a lot of fun. If you didn't I hope it's because you were saving yourself for THIS

I had to run off straight after the koko to play a mini secret set for Another Magazine. Quite an A list affair. If you have an aversion to Name Dropping you may want to look away...NOW

Kate Moss, Kanye, Peaches (no, not the geldof...), Tilda Swinton, Jefferson Hack were all there.
At one point my friend reports seeing Mossy getting her tit out when Peaches came on and screaming "Love me Love me!".
I miss all the fun

The day after I went to the NME awards. Which was MORE FUN THAN IT READS.
I'm not quite famous or important enough to have my own table so I snuck onto Metronomys and stole their wine. But in true Anita style, I had already hatched a contingency plan in the shape of a bottle of Smirnoff from the Off Licence.
Let's see what my mind has allowed me to remember and failed to let me forget

Highlights :
Getting so drunk I lost some of my clothes
The Cure's 30 minute set
Meeting La Roux
Grace Jones table dancing
The Afterparty

'Peaking too soon'
The god awful presenter

5 beats 2 in under the law of mathematics. So we can conclude, fun was had.

I have no pics because I suck.
I promise my next blog will be a photographic feast of sorts.
(it also means I get away with writing less)

The rest of the week carried on in a similar vein. But I want to stress that I am not slacking... well maybe I am a little
I've not had much to do since last week as I'm waiting on something very important to come through... all will be revealed in good time. ; )
I've kicked myself back into touch this week. Making sure I write for a few hours a day even if I;m not in the studio... In betwixt that you can find me trying to drown out Twitters overbearing mating call.
So if you're witness to my very self indulgent and trite updates remember
The devil makes work.....

Oh and 3 forgotten or newly discovered gems of the past week:
1. Christopher Cross. He's so incredible, I almost forgot. haven't listened to Sailing for years. One of my favourite songs. Look him up if you don't know. He did Arthur's Theme as well.

2. Danity Kane. Did any of you watch Making the Band 4(or was it 5?) ?
This was the end result. Actually a really really good r'n'b band. I loved Damaged and Bad Girl
But I only just listened to the full album and I don't know why they weren't as big over here??
Danjahandz did all the production on Welcome to the Dolls House. Such a big pop album, it's ridiculous.
BTW Aubrey, if you're reading this. Please put the vag away and get back to making songs like this. It's alright love, don't be sorry, just don't do it again.
I got to try before I bought which leads me nicely on to

3. Spotify I'm completely into this. It's brilliant. Basically, it's an application that allows you to listen to ANY song in it's entirety for free. Like itunes but you get the whole thing but you can't download though. Personally, I think it's brilliant.
I've spoke to a few people who are divided on it and say that it actually discourages you to buy the music and don't understand why I'm not assuming the 'protect the Artist' stance.. I think it's great because it gives you a freedom and I think if you really love the album you'll buy it anyway- Surely that's a good thing?...
What do you think?

See you not before longxxx

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