Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A Moment Of Silence For The Genius That Is...

....Alan 'Jim Robinson' Dale.

I've been meaning to blog about dude for the longest time but kept forgetting.

But seriously, who would have thought all those years back when he was running about Ramsey Street with Bouncer, Helen and Hannah that Jim Robinson would one day be the DON of US TV.

I can't turn the hotbox on without seeing mans on Lost, Ugly Betty or 24.

He plays a baddie so well - such sharp contrast to good ole Jim. Mans got acting skills for days. Well, minutes.

Some interesting Dale facts for you:

He's from New Zealand.

He was in Young Doctors (I used to watch that the 'ardest)

He was once a rugby player (but then aren't they all down under - girls AND doodes).

He left Neighbours after falling out with the producers over pay. Big up The People United Will Never Be Defeated!

Other TV shows he's been in include The O.C, The West Wing, ER (I don't remember seeing him in ER? Is this another Wikipedia 'fact'?), Star Trek Nemsis and Torchwood. Go on Dale!

He was the last Indiana Jones film. Kinda disappointed I know this now before seeing it, cos imagine my joy when I watched it on DVD and spotted him. Oh well...

Mans has four kids. FOUR!!!

He's 61. Bloody hell, he looks alright still.

He was bullied at school. Mind you, if he was rocking that perm then, it's hardly surprising.

He's worked as a milkman (respect), a male model (pause) and a DJ. Man I'd love to see Dale on the wheels of steel.

He took acting classes after moving to LA. He was 52 at the time (truesay better late than never).

He was in Spamalot last year and I DIDN'T GO AND SEE HIM? Epic Fail, Collins, Epic Fail (Ohh, just did a Craig David and referred to myself in the third person. Weird)

Dale's favourite actor is Gene Hackman

Dale describes his life philosophy as being Winston Churchill's quote "Never, never, never give up". Hell Yeah!

He's in Flight Of The Conchords, which has either not been on yet, or I missed. Sidebar: Didn't really get into that show. Should I try again?

He did a interesting, in-depth, amazing interview with The Mirror. Ok, in-depth was maybe a slight exaggeration. But it contains this brilliant quote:

Last year, I got a call from the producers of Ugly Betty, saying they were writing me out of the show and I was going to die of a heart attack. I was devastated, I was so depressed, but if somebody had said to me, ‘But then you’ll do Indiana Jones with Steven Spielberg, you’ll work on a big series in Australia, do Midnight Man with Jimmy Nesbitt, star in an episode of Torchwood, you’ll be the number one star in the number one show in the West End, and then you’ll do Moving Wallpaper,’ I’d have said, ‘That is beauty. You can shove Ugly Betty up your a*se.’

I could be wrong, but this looks like a Jim Robinson doll. If so, I wants one thankyouplease.


Hollytorious said...

Hattie and Jim Robinson up a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G...

BLITZ BWOY said...

I NOTICED THE SAME SHIT!!!!! this dude is omnipresent!!!! his son Simon does daytime on Kiss fm

hattie collins said...

OMG are you SERIOUS! I would love to get him in RWD ha ha! I'm gonna have to get on that, via Simon or summin!