Monday, March 02, 2009

God I Love This Song...

Not sure why Fiddy posted this recently, but it inspired me to do the same. I listen to this tune (A&R'd by Fidz) on the REGS!

Favourite lines:

Devilman: All of it but especially "Fooomayyorrrrnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn..."

Skepta: "Grime is one of the Hardest Ways to make an Easy Living/ But I keep doing it cos a Grand Don't Come For Free/ I don't understand why man wanna eat me like cereal (pause) cos I make Original Pirate Material."

Ghetto: His whole verse but particularly "You know me, I'm so arrogant..." just cos I like shouting it out at the same time.

Frisco :"You don't want to get something hard to ya frame..." (and then the multiple rhymes on frame thereafter)...


Anonymous said...

Wretchs is good :)
i love this track- mike skinner is a legend
btw..i think..that you have the best job ever!

Id be v interested in knowing how you became the editor of rwd..!

hattie collins said...

Big fan of Wretch (and Bossy, Tinchy etc too), these were just the lyrics I could remember cos I was throwing the post up quick.

As for the job, yep, it's generally pretty great! Long story short, I sent reviews to HHC, some more to Touch, got a staff job at Touch, left, starting freelancing and then RWD came up about four years ago. A mixture of luck/ chance/and a whole heap of blagging to be honest...! And many, many years workign in bars etc to pay the rent.

Anonymous said...

thats really impressive,
Ive written a few articles that I have published on Love Music Hate Racism website and oxfam..a start I guess..the thought of combining my love for music AND writing sounds like an ideal job!
Did you go to uni? (If so..what did you study?) Hope you dont mind me asking- Im going Uni in sept, to study journalism and cultural and media studies, so wondered..
thanks for the reply btw :)