Monday, March 02, 2009

Smiths Killed Diana...?

I love a good conspiracy theory, in fact, I love even a bad one.

This though is one of the weirdest ever. Cockandbullkid posted it on Twitter, so I thought I'd share...

According to, well, some kook, the Smiths might be linked to Princess Diana's death.

Diana Mystery

August 31, 1978:
19 year-old Steven Morrissey first meets guitarist Johnny Marr,
the one who will launch Morrissey's career several years later
by aggressively enlisting him to co-found a band: The Smiths.

August 31, 1997:
19 years to-the-day since Morrissey met guitarist Johnny Marr,
Princess Diana is killed under circumstances foreshadowed
in Morrissey's work, beginning with an album by The Smiths.

Oh no, that's not it - there's more!

1. The Smiths album that announces a royal death.
2. The final Smiths compilation before Diana's death.
3. Morrissey's duet with "a harbinger of death".
4. The final Morrissey single before Diana's death.

Fantabulous. Check out the video on the site for more 'shocking' connections...

Diana Mystery

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