Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Bashy: Ransom

Some people just take things to another level. They lead, never follow.

Bashy is impressing me so much right now. When I was at 1x yesterday, and tonight at another event, people were talking about 'Is it real, did he get caught slipping, is he ok?' As the whole world probably knows by now, he posted up this picture, leaving everyone talking about what the hell had happened.

It was of course all part of a teaser for his video, which is truly, truly impressive. It is indeed not 'just' a video, it's damn near a film!

Things like this are what it takes to make you stand out from the rest. And even though it will be imitated, it's the person who does it first that you remember. I love the concept of the song, I love the look, feel and story of the video; this makes me really look forward to the album, Catch Me If You Can out 1 June...

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